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SMA Guiding Principle

Integral to the SMA ethos is the commitment to building a school community which respects the dignity of the human person, that reflects the diversity in our church, and one that welcomes students from varied socio-economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Support our Legacy

The St. Mary's Academy Bursary program is key to maintaining the access and diversity of our student body and is part of the legacy of our SNJM roots. It's our key fundraising initiative at this time.

In addition, tuition alone does not cover the cost of maintaining our heritage facility and providing high quality programs which are the hallmark of an Academy education. St. Mary’s Academy relies on the generosity of alumnae, parents and friends to enrich student experiences and enhance school programs.

We invite you to share our vision of education for young women in spirit, mind and body. Your generosity, from a small donation to a large endowment, will enable the Academy to remain a centre for educational excellence for young women.