SMA offers a professional and supportive work environment for all employees. By working at SMA, you become part of our vibrant community. 

We strive to employ qualified staff who are committed to their faith. We believe in lifelong learning, and support professional development for our team. We provide equitable compensation and benefits for faculty and staff.

SMA Faculty and Staff

We have over 75 employees, including faculty, professionals and support staff.

Our team of over 50 faculty members are dedicated, enthusiastic educators. They're well trained in their fields, are certified by the Province of Manitoba and are actively engaged in professional development activities. In addition to academic and professional duties, all faculty participate in the school’s extra-curricular program. This interaction outside the classroom promotes school spirit and fosters good relations between staff and students.

Over 25 other professional, administrative and maintenance staff provide accounting, communications/marketing, advancement, alumnae relations, administrative, clerical and maintenance services.

Employment Opportunities

The following employment opportunity is available at St. Mary's Academy:

Interested candidates are asked to email cover letter, résumé and pastor’s reference (or an alternative reference) to Administrative Team at

We welcome and encourage all inquiries and interest. Applicants may request reasonable accommodation related to the materials or activities used throughout the selection process. All applicants are thanked for their interest; those being considered will be contacted. All applications will be held in confidence.