Please use the list of contacts below to find the right person for your needs, or call our reception line at 204-477-0244.

Reception Office Summer Hours:

July 4 to July 8: Open 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
July 11 to August 12: Closed
August 15 onward: Open 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


President Ms. Jennifer Tesoro 204-478-6032
Executive Assistant to the President Mrs. Nadine Dannenberg 204-478-6048
Senior School Principal  Mrs. Michelle Klus 204-478-6033
Junior School Principal Mrs. Carol-Ann Swayzie 204-478-6037
Academic Advisor    
Accountant Mrs. Cheryl Gilleshammer 204-478-6042
Accounting Clerk Ms. Audrey Ross 204-477-0244 Ext. 229
Advancement Manager Ms. Kaylene Kessler 204-478-6030
Mission and Charism Mrs. Joanne Steeves 204-478-6045
Director of Communications & Marketing Ms. Georgina (Gina) Borkofski 204-478-6046
Controller Mrs. Richelle Friesen 204-478-6041
Durocher Library Ms. Christina Janzen 204-478-6034
Durocher Library Ms. Kelsey Jennings 204-478-6034
Facility Management Mr. David Morrison 204-478-6040
Guidance Counsellor Mrs. Dawn Bohonos 204-477-0244 Ext. 414
Guidance Counsellor Mrs. Jennifer O' Leary 204-477-0244 Ext. 271
Guidance Counsellor Mrs. Dana Sigurdson 204-478-6044
Graphic Designer/Communications Coordinator Mr. Vincent Ocampo 204-477-0244 Ext. 241
Information Technology Mr. Alexandru Ionescu 204-478-6043
IT Support Technician Mr. Edward Villamar 204-477-0244 Ext. 272
Advancement/Alumnae Administrative Assistant Ms. Hope Mwalugaja 204-477-0244
Reception Ms. Meghan Fustey 204-477-0244
Resource Teacher Mrs. Christine Dado 204-477-0244 Ext. 239
School Office Mrs. Beverly Henry 204-477-0244 Ext. 232
Student Attendance Mrs. Jill Boulet 204-477-0244 Ext. 221
Transcript Requests Mrs. Jill Boulet 204-477-0244 Ext. 221


Faculty without a direct line can be reached at 204-477-0244

Name Area of Specialty Phone / Extension
Mr. Jason Athayde Math, Coding, Interactive Digital Media 429
Mr. Niclas Bembenek  Supply Teacher  
Mrs. Dawn Bohonos Guidance, English Language Arts 414
Mrs. Cindy Cordeiro English Language Arts 434
Ms. Caitlin Cranmer English Language Arts, Social Studies 424
Mr. Demetro Danyluk  Physical Education 204-478-6038
Mrs. Rebecca Davedow Biology, Science, Chemistry 265
Ms. Laura Davey Drama 428
Mrs. Catherine David Math, Economics 417
Mme. Marie Desaulniers French, Advanced French, Religion 404
Mme. Chantelle Deslauriers French, Advanced French 440
Ms. Emma Domke Science, Math 416
Mrs. Sylvia Falconer Science, Chemistry, AP Chemistry 412
Ms. Paula Fleury French, Advanced French 415
Ms. Tejal Friesen Math 422
Mrs. Katie Friess Social Studies, Geography, World Geography 431
Ms. Robin Gacek Social Studies, English Language Arts 423
Ms. Anastasia Geras Choral Music 408
Ms. Megan Grant Math, Science 435
Mr. Lorne Hess Math 411
Mrs. Kelly Hill Science, Biology, Math 348
Mrs. Cecilia Kolt Religion, Mission and Charism 427
Mrs. Kendra Lê English Language Arts, Social Studies 401
Mrs. Mary-Anne Lovallo English Language Arts, Religion 438
Ms. Martha MacKinnon English Language Arts 405
Mr. Alexander Mandrick Social Studies, English Language Arts, Religion 413
Ms. Maria Marasco Religion, Mission and Charism 410
Ms. Taylor Martin Religion, Mission and Charism 441
Mr. Rob McCaffrey English Language Arts, History, Debate, Social Studies 420
Ms. Adriane McElrea Physical Education, Health, Social Studies 425
Ms. Nicole McGlenen Physical Education, Health, Science, Social Studies 439
Mr. Chris O'Donoghue Science, Physics 250
Mrs. Jennifer O'Leary Physical Education, Guidance Councillor 271
Mr. Noel Rautert Biology, Chemistry, Science 402
Mrs. Christine Rewniak Math, English Language Arts 426
Ms. Carmen Sichewski Human Ecology, Family Studies 430
Mr. Cole Snyder Visual Arts 251
Ms. Alannah Thibodeau Math, Science 407
Mrs. Gina Unger Human Ecology 421
Mr. James Villa Math, Coding, Physics 433