St. Mary’s Academy is dedicated to assisting students who qualify but cannot afford an Academy education.  Several Bursary Funds exist which provide tuition assistance to qualified families. Bursaries are awarded on a financial needs basis. Families with limited gross household income and net assets are invited to apply for a bursary. The process is completely confidential and begins after the school has accepted a student. Families are required to re-apply every year to update their financial information. Although we strive to provide the same level of support year over year, it cannot be guaranteed.

St. Mary’s Academy’s philosophy and approach to the bursary process is that each family should contribute to the greatest extent possible towards the educational cost of the student. The financial assistance is not intended to supplement or enhance the lifestyle of the family. This commitment could mean reduced discretionary funds available to the family for activities including, but not limited to, vacations, retirement savings, club memberships and camps.

Another form of assistance we provide comes from our Deo Gratias Fund (Thanks be to God). This Fund assists with day-to-day curricular, extra-curricular and co-curricular expenses so that all students have an equitable experience at SMA.

If you wish to apply for Deo Gratias funding or have questions about applying for a bursary, please call the Controller, Richelle Friesen, at 204-478-6041 or the Accountant, Cheryl Gilleshammer, at 204-478-6042.

Bursary Application Form

Download a Bursary Application form or request an application by contacting Nadine Dannenberg (Gauthier '95) at ndannenberg@smamb.ca or 204-478-6048. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need, the number of students requesting a bursary, and the amount of bursary money available.


Bursary Application Deadline

The deadline for bursary applications is May 1. Applicants will be advised whether or not they have been awarded a bursary by early June.

Please note that 2020 Tax Returns will be required to be submitted with your Bursary Application.