Grades 9 to 12

In Grade 9, students begin earning credits for a Manitoba high school diploma. Each student must successfully complete at least 30 credits by June of her graduating year. At SMA, two of the credits must be in religious studies (1/2 credit in each of the four years of high school). Many SMA graduates exceed the minimum requirements for graduation.

In January, mid-year formative assessments worth 15% of final grade are completed in many subjects. In June, all students write exams worth 30% of the final grade in mathematics, English, history, chemistry, physics and biology. In Grade 9 social studies, the final assessment will consist of a major research project and an assessment which encourages critical analysis. Choral music and debate courses are part of an extended day schedule.

Read the Grades 9-12 Curriculum Handbook for the 2016-2017 school year.


Grade 9 Courses

Compulsory: English, math, science, social studies, phys ed, religion, and French or advanced French.
One of: human ecology, theatre arts, visual art, choral music (by audition), intermediate public speaking and debate.

Grade 10 Courses

Compulsory: English, introduction to applied and pre-calculus, or essential math, science, geography, phys ed and religion.
Two of: theatre arts, French, advanced French, human ecology, visual art, Introduction to interactive digital media, American history, choral music (by audition), or intermediate public speaking and debate.

Grade 11 Courses

Compulsory: English, applied math or essential math or pre-calculus, Canadian history, phys ed and religion.
Three of: advanced French, biology, chemistry, current topics in science, family studies, French, law, physics, theatre arts, visual art, choral music, advanced public speaking and debate or chemistry 40S.

Grade 12 Courses

Compulsory: English comprehensive and one of English literary focus or English transactional focus, essential math or pre-calculus, religion and phys ed.
Three of four of: AP calculus, AP French, biology, chemistry, psychology, French, interdisciplinary topics in science, law, physics, theatre arts, visual art, world geography, art history, choral music (by audition), advanced public speaking and debate, Economics, AP chemistry or AP psychology.