The soccer program is open to students in Grades 9 – 12. In addition to our outdoor soccer team, which meets in the spring, girls can compete on our indoor soccer team in the fall and winter months. These committed athletes have run, kicked, and scored their way to being a competitive team in our league.


Coaches / Manager

Elia CholakisCoach
Miro CerquetiCoach


Alex Cianflone-Enns12
Cadence Christie12
Juliette Dias12
Marwa Bostami12
Natalie Garcia12
Angelina Cerqueti11
Gabby Denis11
Jessie Wintemute11
Jia Agarwal11
Juliana Cerqueti11
Marissa Cesario11
Sofia Cholakis11
Victoria Loculano11
Carys Gibson10
Ikram Imam10
Ella Santarsieri9
Isabella Loculano9