Indoor Soccer

The soccer program is open to students in Grades 9 – 12. In addition to our outdoor soccer team, which meets in the spring, girls can compete on our indoor soccer team in the fall and winter months. These committed athletes have run, kicked, and scored their way to being a competitive team in our league.

Coaches / Manager

Danielle McKenzie
Geordie McKenzie
Dennis Tsai


October 253:30pmKelvin High SchoolKelvin High School3-1 W
November 014:45pmRiver East CollegiateSt. Mary's Academy2-0 W
November 033:30pmFort Richmond CollegiateFort Richmond Collegiate5-0 W
November 133:45pmMiles Macdonnell CollegiateSt. Mary's Academy5-1 W
November 244:30pmVincent Massey CollegiateVincent Massey Collegiate1-2 L
December 114:45pmOak Park High school GoldOak Park High School0-0 L
December 134:30pmGarden City CollegiateGarden City Collegiate2-2 L
December 183:45pmSturgeon Heights CollegiateSt. Mary's Academy1-2 L
December 204:45pmGlenlawn CollegiateSt. Mary's Academy2-0 W
January 082:45pmGarden City CollegiateWinnipeg Soccer Federation North - Field 32-1 W
January 174:30pmSturgeon Heights CollegiateSubway Soccer South - Field 43-1 W
January 223:45pmVincent Massey CollegiateWinnipeg Soccer Federation North - Field 41-2 L
January 243:30pmGarden City CollegiateSubway Soccer South - Field 21-1 L
February 124:45pmShaftesburyWinnipeg Soccer Federation North - Field 14-0 W
February 164:30pmSturgeon Heights CollegiateSubway Soccer South - Field 41-4 L
February 233:30pmVincent Massey CollegiateSubway Soccer South - Field 4


Amy Adamkowicz0
Sarah Adamkowicz0
Mckenzie Bellingham0
Anna Bird0
Ashley Chomyn0
Paige Hall0
Talia Kantautas0
Olivia Klus0
Abby Laurin0
Rachel McKenzie0
Jordan Monney0
Sarah Pattie0
Anna Shewchuk-Taylor0
Jessica Tsai0
Anais Van de Mossealar0