High School Hockey

In 1996-1997 the Winnipeg Women's High School Hockey League (WWHSHL) was established. The SMA Flames joined the league the following year and won its first championship in the 2000-2001 season. The Flames have experienced an impressive record as proud, long-term members of the league. Many students are eager to play for the Flames, and try-outs are held within the first two weeks of the school year.

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Coaches / Manager

Mr. Mike ZirinoHead Coach
Mr. Noel RautertAssistant Coach
Ms. Lindsey FennellAssistant Coach


October 184:50pmDakotaMTS Ice Plex - Re Max5-4 W
October 254:50pmSturgeon HeightsIce Plex - Re Max4-1 W
October 264:00pmOak ParkEric Coy1-0 W
November 014:50pmVincent MasseyIce Plex - Re Max4-1 W
November 084:50pmSelkirkIce Plex - Re Max6-4 W
November 154:50pmFRCIce Plex - Re Max5-0 W
November 204:15pmKelvinRiver Heights4-2 W
November 294:50pmCJSIce Plex - Re Max4-0 W
December 013:30pmRiver EastGateway6-1 W
December 064:00pmMiles MacGateway5-1 W
December 074:15pmSelkirkSt. Andrew's CC7-3 W
December 124:10pmSturgeon HeightsCivic Centre3-4 L
December 154:10pmCJSDakota3-0 W
December 193:30pmFRCRichmond CC6-1 W
December 204:50pmSMA Staff / AlumIce Plex - Re Max
January 104:50pmRiver EastIce Plex - Re Max4-0 W
January 124:30pmDakotaSouthdale9-4 W
January 174:50pmPCIIce Plex - Re Max2-0 W
January 244:50pmMiles MacIce Plex - Re Max5-1 W
January 294:15pmKelvinRiver Heights5-1 W
February 024:15pmVincent MasseyCentury Arena5-3 W
February 074:50pmOak ParkIce Plex - Re Max6-0 W
February 084:00pmPCIBDO Centre (Portage)2-1 W
February 223:45pmPCI SaintsBDO Centre (Portage)2-1 W
February 234:30pmPCI SaintsVarsity View Sportsplex


Julianna DumaForward9
Jade GiesbrechtForward10
Jenny KimForward11
Alexia LecocqForward12
Sydney Odowichuk (DP)Forward9
Brooke OxenforthForward9
Ally RakowskiForward10
Haley SteciukForward11
Caitlyn Willison (DP)Forward9
Abbey BoguskiDefense12
Julia BirdForward9
Meredith CummingDefense12
Clare HibbertDefense11
Nicole HoworthDefense10
Kyrsten RobertsDefense11
Ashley SmalleyDefense10
Mckenzie GaborieauGoalie10
Emily ShippamGoalie9
Janique BalcaenForward9