Basketball - Junior Varsity

Our Junior Varsity Basketball team includes students in grades 9 and 10, and is a highly competitive team in their division.


Coaches / Manager

Dan Law
Adriane McElrea


December 124:30pmKelvinSt. Mary's Academy13-54 L
December 134:30pmVincent MasseyVincent Massey Collegiate14-55 L
December 194:30pmFort RichmondFort Richmond Collegiate16-66 L
December 214:30pmVincent MasseySt. Mary's Academy19-48 L
January 236:15pmOak ParkOak Park High School21-70 L
February 064:30pmFort RichmondSt. Mary's Academy18-54 L
February 134:30pmOak ParkSt. Mary's Academy30-107 L
February 155:30pmJohn TaylorSt. Mary's Academy47-33 W
February 204:30pmKelvinKelvin High School27-82 L
February 214:30pmSturgeon HeightsSturgeon Heights Collegiate26-62 L


Eniayo Akinyemi9
Julia Beechinor10
Meeya Beyer9
Danielle Blanco10
Winnie Carey9
MacKenna Dyck9
Aaya Haji-Hussein10
Mika Hasselmann10
Reianne Juan10
Farrah Koop9
Julia Madden9
Marilyn Tarque10