Torch Talks

Challenges Facing Adolescent Girls: Navigating the Rocky Road

Torch Talks are informative sessions for parents, based on the popular 'TED Talks' format.

This presentation will focus on some of the problems that adolescent girls are faced with, including: depression, anxiety, self esteem, body image issues, peer pressure and competition, social media and cyber addiction. Behaviours to look out for and strategies to deal with these difficulties will be discussed. The morning includes an opportunity to submit questions to Dr. De Luca.


Dr. Rayleen De Luca, C. Psych., C.M., O.M.

Dr. Rayleen De Luca is a registered clinical psychologist. As a professor at the University of Manitoba, she was the first woman to serve as Director of the Clinical Psychology Training Program. Dr. De Luca’s research has been widely published in books and scientific journals throughout the world. She has been invited to speak nationally and internationally. Recently she was inducted into the Order of Canada for her outstanding work and for her dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable Canadian children and families.


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