Torch Talks

Perspectives on Cultivating Wellbeing in Young Women

Torch Talks are informative sessions for parents, based on the popular 'TED Talks' format.


Katya Adamov Ferguson ’03

At the heart of this session is the topic of reconciliation. Katya will share her arts-informed research into the power-filled role of  language and its influence on our identities and our relationships within communities. Katya will explore how unpacking privilege and shifting perspectives provide opportunities to cultivate potential and resilience in young women.


Andrea Jackson ’09
Julia Jones ’13
Lindsey Fennell ’07

Join panel moderator, Stephanie Zirino ‘07, as she leads a conversation with 3 SMA graduates. Panelists will answer questions like:

How did SMA prepare me -mind, body and spirit- for my life post graduation?
What advice would I give to my younger self about health and wellbeing during my teenage years?

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Time & Place

Date and Time

Saturday, January 20, 2018
8:30am to 11:30am


Sheila Chipman Atrium

Past Torch Talks

2017 - Leading by Love - Raising Kids with Social Conscience
2016 - The Teenage Brain