Message from the President

Ms. Jennifer Tesoro '96

A Tapestry of Transformation; Weaving Wisdom; A Community in Concert

As we approach the end of another enriching year at St. Mary's Academy, we find ourselves reflecting on the tapestry of experiences that have shaped our learning community. This year, more than ever, we have woven together threads of wisdom, resilience, and compassion, creating a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

Our journey through 2023 has been a testament to the transformative power of education. We have witnessed our students navigate challenges with grace and determination, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and learning. Their resilience in the face of change and their eagerness to embrace new ideas continue to inspire us all.

In our classrooms, hallways, and community spaces, the spirit of inquiry and collaboration has been palpable. Our students have not only excelled academically but have also shown an impressive depth of character in their service to others. They have embodied the SNJM mission, addressing societal needs with empathy and action.

This year has also been a celebration of our community's diversity and strength. Each member of our Academy, from students to staff, has contributed their unique voice to our collective melody. Together, we have created a symphony of learning experiences that resonate with the values we hold dear.

As you read through this Newsletter, I invite you to savour the stories and accomplishments that highlight our journey this year. From academic achievements to acts of service, from artistic expressions to athletic endeavors, each story is a thread in the beautiful tapestry of our Academy.

Sit back, unwind, and enjoy our school stories.

Message from Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. Michelle Klus
Senior School Principal

Mrs. Carol-Ann Swayzie
Junior School Principal

Mr. Lorne Hess
Dean of Educational Studies

As we reflect on the first three months of this school year, we are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, hard work, and positive energy that our students have demonstrated in all facets of school life. It has been heartwarming to witness the dedication and commitment of our teachers who foster an environment where students can thrive both academically and socially. We truly have much to celebrate.

Academic courses are now in full swing, with teachers and students fully engaged in the learning process. The enthusiasm and focus in the classrooms are evident. As we progress through the school year it is worth noting that student calendars will start to fill with assessments dates. This is an important time for students to review their materials, seek help if needed, and demonstrate their understanding of the subjects.

Last week, parents and caregivers were welcomed into the school for student Progress Conferences.  We appreciate the open communication and partnership among parents, students, and faculty that we witnessed during these meetings, and we hope to continue to nurture the academic and personal growth of our students.

As the seasons transition and we draw closer to mid-winter, we ready ourselves for the Advent season. It is a time for contemplation when we can all prepare our hearts, our school, and our homes for the birth of Christ. May the upcoming weeks fill your hearts with hope, love, joy, and peace.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for the continued support of our school community. Thank you for being part of our school family, and we look forward to a successful and joy-filled journey ahead.

Welcome to Faculty and Staff Who Joined the Academy in 2023

Ms. Noelle Bowles '91
Guidance Counsellor

Mrs. Lori Brooks
Religion Teacher

Ms. Bénédicte LeMaître '12
Choral Music 

Ms. Yumy Lo
Chemistry & Science Teacher

Ms. Petra Reynolds
Library Technician

Mr. Asim Shaukat
Executive Secretary to the President

Mission and Charism

Victoria Alexander '24

As always, Mission and Charism has been hard at work. We started off the year with an opening Mass led by Father Geoffrey Angeles, whose message aligned beautifully with our theme for the year: “Where do I Belong?” This theme is based on the foundation of our Catholic faith known as Ecclesiology. The idea of belonging can be complicated and sometimes uncomfortable to address. There is so much weight put into the idea of “belonging.” Do you belong to someone or something? Does something belong to you? What places do you find yourself being connected to? Is connection different from belonging? On top of that, belonging means different things to different people, and there are many places in which someone may find their safe place. As we answer this question as a school, our hope is that every member of our SMA community will recognize the unique place they have in our school and remember that God loves them and welcomes them exactly as they are.

So far this school year, Mission and Charism has already had a hand in helping students reflect and discover this year’s theme. During the Grade 12 Retreat, the class of 2024 were called to examine how they view the theme of belonging in terms of their past, present and future. Mission and Charism worked with the planning committee to ensure that there was ample time to think of these questions with their faith in their hearts and minds. The retreat was a time for them to come together for a day at camp and bond over this transitionary period of their lives. Another major transition is the exit from middle school and the entrance into high school.

At the beginning of the grade nine year, there is a lot students have on their minds. Also, this is one of the years in which there is a large increase in the student population. It can be hard to take all this on without support therefore, Mission and Charism always makes sure to be involved in the planning of Grade 9 Welcome Night. Mission and Charism helped kick off Grade 9 Welcome Night with a prayer service where students were asked to focus on the theme of belonging through the lens of friendship and what it means to be a good friend. This helped set the tone for an evening of activities, as the Grade 9s form connections and find where they belong with their peers.

For our grade 7 students who are beginning their journey at St. Mary’s Academy, Mission and Charism welcomed them to our faith community with a Bible distribution ritual. By providing new students at a formative moment of their life with the tools of scripture, we hope that students will use these blessed bibles throughout their life to connect to where they belong.

The Mission and Charism Community does not limit its efforts to just grade-level events. We also provide spaces for students to continue to explore their faith in the clubs and activities that we run. Every month there is a little something for everyone.

The following ministries allow students to share their gifts and talents with our community:

Breakfast Club: with a motto of, Faith, Friends, Food and Fun!, meets from 7:45 AM to 8:30 AM, usually on the first Friday of the month. Everyone is welcome. At these meetings, students gather to share morning treats and discuss the faith action taking place in our community. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about and get involved with the planning of different faith-based events happening in the school. It was in these meetings that we discussed the planning of our morning prayers, the Junior Extended Service Experience, Mother Marie-Rose Week, and many more wonderful activities.

Club LEMON (Leaders Embarking on a Mission Over Noon): is a club for junior years students (grades 7-8) to help build community and discuss faith. These students can sign up on the Club LEMON bulletin board and join us at lunch once a month on Day 4.

AMS@SMA (A Monthly Service at SMA): is an opportunity for students to go out into the world and live the teachings of their faith while still surrounded by the SMA community. So far this year, students have served at The Welcome Home, Villa Rosa, Santa Claus Parade, and Angels on the Bridge for the Misericordia Health Centre. Sign-up sheets are posted every month outside of Ms. Martin’s office. These experiences are memorable and foster a broader sense of community. 

Overall, the 2023-2024 school year is already shaping up to be yet another wonderful year full of discussion and growth for the Mission and Charism Community, as well as the student body at large.

Grade 12 Retreat

Grade 9 Welcome Night Ritual

Angels on the Bridge for the Misericordia Health Centre

Walk For Cancer

Junior Walk

Senior Walk

On September 21, 2023, our junior and senior students participated in separate Walks For Cancer. Junior students walked from SMA to Assiniboine Park and back to the school. Senior students met at St. Paul’s High School (SPHS) and together with SPHS students and students from Balmoral Hall, the group walked to Assiniboine Park and back to SPHS. Both our junior and senior groups participated in community building activities after their respective walks. Collectively, our students raised $5,200 for Cancer Care Manitoba’s PROFYLE program.

Truth and Reconciliation Week

From September 25 to 29, SMA observed Truth and Reconciliation Week, a time dedicated to honouring the histories, experiences, and contributions of Indigenous Peoples. Students across all grade levels participated in a diverse array of educational activities that spanned multiple subjects. These ranged from presentations and discussions on the history and legacy of Residential Schools to survivor accounts, intergenerational trauma, traditional Indigenous knowledge and education, and more.

A few of the focused teachings and learnings included our Grade 9 students and faculty visiting the former Assiniboia Residential School at 615 Academy Road. This site visit included an in-depth look into the school's history and allocated time for personal reflection. Also, guest presenter Britney Fache, local florist and forager, guided students in Grades 8, 10, and 12 through a land-based science and art experience on our grounds. This tour showcased native plant species and their traditional uses, culminating in the creation of mindful nature mandalas. In our religious studies classes, educators examined the spirituality of Indigenous peoples, including an exploration of the Seven Sacred Teachings.

Throughout the week, our Human Rights Team made available orange shirts from Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre with proceeds benefiting the Gathering Place for Truth and Reconciliation on King Street. On Friday, the entire school community donned orange shirts, symbolizing hope, reconciliation, and a collective commitment to a better future. This was in observance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day, recognized on September 30.

While the week was a focal point for focused Truth and Reconciliation teaching and learning, SMA continues to embed ongoing teaching, learning, and conversations throughout the entire school year. We continue to welcome community input as we journey on our path toward Truth and Reconciliation. For suggestions or ideas, please email us at

Grade 8 Experiential Learning Week

Elizabeth Chung '28

Students create a video game idea with the help of New Media Manitoba

Learning about mummification during the Manitoba Museum field trip

Students enjoy different activities at Camp Manitou

In the third week of September, Grade 8 students had the chance to dive into a variety of activities during Experiential Learning Week. The week kicked-off with fun presentations on computer coding, game development, and story writing. These sessions were led by Rebecca Harrison, an optimistic game developer and founder of FlightyFelon Games. Harrison inspired the students with her journey into game development and urged them to embark on their own gaming journeys. Next up, our friends from New Media Manitoba showed students how to craft video games and use Twine, an open-source, web-based tool for creating complex stories. The students then applied their newfound coding skills to produce unique stories.

Next up, students visited the Manitoba Museum where they learned about mummification from an expert Egyptologist. Also, they created unique pots, plates, and bowls inspired by ancient designs using air-dry pottery clay.

Midweek activities focused on team building, like Lego set construction. The purpose of the activity was to learn how to find support in your friends and peers, which contributes to mental and emotional well-being. The students also experienced a Sound Bath, a form of meditation using “singing” quartz crystal bowls, which helped them find inner peace.

As per tradition, Thursday was the annual Junior Walk for Cancer—a 10-kilometre walk to Assiniboine Park and back. Proceeds from the Walk benefited PROFYLE, an agency dedicated to improving the outcomes of young people with cancer. The day wrapped up with community building activities. Finally, the week ended with a field trip to Camp Manitou, where students participated in activities such as kayaking, canoeing, zip-lining, wall climbing, and more.

Thank you to all who contributed to making Experiential Learning Week a success! What a fabulous way for the Grade 8 students to kick off the 2023-2024 school year!

Mother Marie-Rose Week

From October 5 to 7, we celebrated Mother Marie-Rose Week with Mass, learning, and community time.

St. Mary’s Academy is one of a network of schools in North America under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), a teaching congregation founded in 1844 in Longueuil, Quebec, by Mother Marie-Rose Durocher. Mother Marie-Rose believed that education must be grounded in faith and centered in justice; that true learning happens in an environment where one’s potential is seen and nurtured; and that the Arts are important in education. She encouraged learning through self-expression. She took the time to dream. She believed that the future can become better than the present when it is embraced with courage and commitment. She believed that an entire society can be transformed if the minds and hearts of young women are guided and nurtured.

After six years as Superior, Mother Marie-Rose died on October 6, 1849, her 38th birthday. Her accomplishments during her short life led Pope John Paul II to beatify her on May 23, 1982, as a woman for all times.

Some activities that took place during Mother Marie-Rose Week include an old fashioned story time where grade 7 classes listened to Eulalie’s Book (Mother Marie-Rose's birth name is 'Eulalie'), written and Illustrated by Sister Annette Stewart, SNJM, about the life of Mother Marie-Rose Durocher, test-your-knowledge games about Mother Marie-Rose coordinated by SMA’s Gaming Club, a student dressed as Mother Marie-Rose, Ada Payment ’24, toured the school and visited with students, and a school-wide Mass celebrating Mother Marie-Rose.

from left to right: Mrs. Mary-Anne Lovallo (Washchyshyn '93), Ada Payment ’24, Sr. Marilyn Gibney, SNJM

Grade 9 Welcome

On Friday, October 27, beginning in the afternoon, our grade 9 students participated in our annual Welcome Celebration. The Grade 9 Welcome provides the opportunity to enhance relationships among this diverse group of young women, and strengthen their identity as a student at SMA. Students participated in activities designed to bring them together and get better acquainted with one another. The Grade 9 Welcome is planned and hosted by the Leadership Team Clubs/Groups and Administration.

Academic Achievements from the 2022-2023 School Year

In September we were pleased to announce recipients of the Christine Skublics Memorial Scholarships and Awards, and the Bob Ritchie Scholarship. These awards highlight the academic excellence and community involvement that make our students truly exceptional.

Back row, left-right: Maria Barone '26, Chinanuokum Onyiuke '25, Ashley Lawrence '24, Elsa Saltel '24, Sabrina Batla '25
Front row, left-right: Diana Bonakdar '26, Anant Dhaliwal '26, Zelal Emre '24, Jiyoo Noh '25, Anandita Sharma '26

Abigail Chau '24 receives the Bob Ritchie Scholarship.

Christine Skublics Memorial Scholarships and Awards, Bob Ritchie Scholarship

The Christine Skublics Memorial Scholarships and Awards were established by the SMA Board of Directors in memory of Mrs. Skublics who was a teacher and then principal at SMA from 1977 until 1990. Recipients are students with the highest average in each of grades 9, 10 and 11. Congratulations to:

Grade 11
Scholarship for Highest Academic Standing: Tie between Zelal Emre '24 and Anandita Sharma '24
Awards for High Academic Achievement: Ashley Lawrence '24 and Elsa Saltel '24

Grade 10
Scholarship for Highest Academic Standing: Jiyoo Noh '25 
Awards for High Academic Achievement: Sabrina Batla '25 and Chinanuokum Onyiuke '25

Grade 9
Scholarship for Highest Academic Standing: Diana Bonakdar '26
Awards for High Academic Achievement: Maria Barone '26 and Anant Dhaliwal '26

Bob Ritchie Scholarship
The Bob Ritchie Scholarship, established by the Ritchie Family, recognizes academic achievement and outstanding involvement in student life at SMA. The award winner must be on the honour roll, in grade 11 and returning to SMA for grade 12. Congratulations to recipient, Abigail Chau '24.

Congratulations to all our scholarship and award winners - way to Hold High the Torch! Also, a big thank you to the SMA Board of Directors and the Ritchie Family for making these scholarships and awards possible.

Department Spotlight: Student Services

Department Members

Mrs. Holly Storey
Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Dana Vivian
Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Noelle Bowles ’91
Guidance Counsellor

Mrs. Christine Dado
(Aaron ’00)
Resource Teacher

Mr. Noel Rautert
Resource Teacher

Ms. Adriane McElrea
Career and Academic Advisor

Ms. Taylor Martin '14
Mission and Charism Coordinator

Mrs. Joanne Steeves
(Weight '90)
Mission and Charism Coordinator

Our Student Services Department operates from a team perspective including students, parents, teachers, school counsellor(s), resource teacher(s), career and academic advisor(s), Mission and Charism coordinator(s), and school administrators within the framework of the school’s mission statement and Catholic teachings. 

Members of the student services department assist students with academic, personal, social, and emotional development through school wide, grade level, small group, and individual interventions and support. 

The guidance and counselling department provides whole school, grade level, small group, and individual guidance education and counselling services including: 

  • Personal counselling by appointment or drop-in
  • Social Media and Online Safety Presentations
  • Substance Use Awareness Presentations
  • Career and Mentorship programs for students in senior school
  • Post-secondary education information

The Resource teachers help students at the school have a successful academic experience. At the beginning of the year, the Resource teachers conducts a study skills evening for the community. Ongoing support is provided for all grade levels through small group and individual study skills sessions. Topics include: 

  • Organization and time management
  • Learning strategies
  • Preparing for tests, mid-year assessments and exams
  • Managing test anxiety
  • Healthy choices and balance
  • Identifying learning strengths and challenges

Members of the Mission and Charism team seek to enrich the faith lives of students and staff by deepening their spirituality through participation in sacraments and rituals, prayer and reflection, justice and service and Christian leadership development. Rooted in Gospel values and guided by the Charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Mission and Charism is an integral part of the formation of students.

Mission and Charism fosters the faith life of the community by offering gathered and non-gathered opportunities, which complement the Religion Program and collaborate with the entire community.

The Tartan Technology & Innovation Centre

Allie Logan ’06

The Tartan Technology & Innovation Centre (The Tech Centre) celebrated an exciting first year, filled with upgrades and student engagement. Over the summer, thanks to the Tech Centre's popularity, we enhanced its tech arsenal. New features include box studio lights for photography, an extra Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Heat Press, an additional Nintendo Switch with controllers, and drying boxes to extend the lifespan of 3D printing filament.

As we are nearing the end of 2023, enthusiasm for the Tech Centre remains high. Notably, seventh-grade students like Arianna Borgesa Arrus ’29, Addy Gross ’29, and Pranshi Bansal ’29 have eagerly explored various stations within the center. They've shown interest in designing stickers, crafting personalized cards, and creating basic 3D printed models for friends and family. During lunch breaks, these students also enjoy honing their volleyball skills on the Switch with the game Switch Sports.

Lilian De Guzman ’28 took her creativity to the next level by using the Cricut Maker 3 and Heat Press to craft part of her Halloween costume, inspired by her favorite anime character. Guided by a quick tutorial from Ms. Logan, Lilian designed a template, turning her vision into reality. Excitedly donning her creation, Lilian expressed her joy, anticipating her friends' envy and sharing plans to design more affordable apparel for her favorite fandoms.

In October, the Tech Centre proudly showcased its capabilities at the Marian Gala. Student volunteers demonstrated 3D printing, virtual reality, and coding using BB-8 Sphero robots. Aliyah Dufault ’28, one of the volunteers, showcased her 3D printing skills, presenting a specially designed Mudkip from Pokémon. She also shared her first-ever creation, a frog wearing a tiny top hat and bowtie, discussing her creative process and the challenges she overcame. Gala attendees were amazed by the students' tech proficiency, and inquiries revealed the positive reception of this innovative technology in both classrooms and students' free time. The Tech Centre stands as a testament to a year of technological growth and student empowerment.

Lilian De Guzman '28 using the Cricut machine and heat press to craft parts of her Halloween costume

3D model created and 3D-printed by Aliyah Dufault '28

Con Fuoco Performing with Alumna, Janelle Nadeau ’04

SMA is excited to share that our choir, Con Fuoco, will take the stage as the featured vocal ensemble at 'A Prairie Christmas' on Dec. 5th at 7 PM. They will perform the timeless classic, Silent Night, with acclaimed harpist and SMA alumna Janelle Nadeau ’04. This magical evening takes place at Club Regent Event Centre. Come out and enjoy the show, purchase your tickets at or call 1-800-265-3912.

A Prairie Christmas with The Nadeau Ensemble is a cherished Canadian tradition enjoyed by generations of families. It features classic Christmas melodies played on an array of instruments including harp, cello, harmonium, and hurdy-gurdy, complemented by breathtaking vocals.

Since graduating from SMA, Janelle has toured extensively across Canada and around the world and is one of Canada's most renowned harpists. Her talent has landed her on stages with musical icons like Frank Sinatra Jr., Kanye West, Andrea Bocelli, The Who, Diana Krall, and more. Janelle has also performed more than 400 shows in hospitals, palliative care units and care homes. Also, Janelle acts as Principal Harpist with the Vancouver Opera and performs with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Career and Mentorship Program

Grade 9 Career Speakers

On October 12, 2023, SMA had the privilege of welcoming three alumnae back to our school for our career speakers event tailored to grade 9 students. Ashley Pylypowich ‘05 discussed her professional journey as a Nurse Practitioner, Jessica Slater (Malach ’10) shared insights from her entrepreneurial venture with K-9 Storm, and Jilian Stefanson ’15 discussed her career as a lawyer. Their diverse professional stories offered our students a practical look into their respective fields, while sparking imaginations. SMA expresses our deep appreciation to Ashley, Jessica, and Jilian for coming back and sharing their expertise and experiences with our students.

Ask an Alum

On November 24, 2023, grades 11 and 12 students enjoyed the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of alumnae about post-secondary education, applying for scholarships, study tips, and career paths. Alumnae represented the fields of dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, business, science, law, graphic design, medicine, architecture, commerce and engineering. SMA expresses our deep appreciation to the following alumnae for coming back and sharing their expertise and experience with our students.

Oreofe Okunnu ’15

Madison Chambers ’16

Janelle Lawrence ’16

Caitlin Madden ’16

Megan Wolbaum ’16

Isha Khandelwal ’18

Danielle Sneesby ’18

Gretta Styles ’19

Ibukun Okunnu ’20

Alia Zagrodnik ’20

Danielle Borbajo ’21

Annika Falkenberg ’21

Katelyn Mestito-Dao '21

Katya Cisneros '22

Violet Doucet ’23

Cross Country

Congratulations to our Flames Senior Cross Country team for winning the 2023 Manitoba High School Athletic Association Provincial Championship. The Championship took place at Asessippi Ski Resort near Inglis, Man., on Oct. 11. This is SMA’s 15th High School Provincial Championship in Cross Country running and its the eighth consecutive win. Huge congratulations also go to our Flames Junior (grades 7 and 8) team for winning the 2023 Athletics Manitoba Provincial Championship!

Special congratulations to the following students:

Lilianna Aiello '26: Individual High School Varsity Champion

Quinn Lavoie '29: Individual Champion at the Athletics Manitoba Provincial Championship.

Elsa Hall '29: 3rd Overall at the Athletics Manitoba Provincial Championships.

Jordyn Allison '24 , Ellie Bru '24, and Caitlyn Hollywood '24: graduating runners for their commitment and contributions to our cross country program over the years.

Way to Hold High the Torch!


Congratulations to two of our Flames volleyball players who made the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association All-Star Team. Alina Koskie '24, Setter, and Ashley Lawrence '24 Left Side, will participate in the All-Star game on December 9 at 2:30 PM at St. Paul’s High School.

Alina Koskie '24

Ashley Lawrence '24

High School Hockey

On October 25, 2023, our Flames High School Hockey team attended a presentation by Hailey Wickenheiser at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, organized by McFadden Wealth Management. Wickenheiser shared insights from her life and career, offering guidance on achieving excellence in sports and life. She addressed topics like confidence building, regulating emotions, team development, and high-level performance. The event included a Q&A session with students.

Tuition Payments and Donation Receipts

For families who chose Plan B – two payments for tuition payments – please remember that your final payment will be withdrawn from your bank account on or after January 1, 2024.

Charitable donation receipts for the 2022-2023 school year, for inclusion with your 2023 tax return, are being prepared and will be mailed in February. Receipts for the 2023-2024 school year, for inclusion with your 2024 tax return, will be issued in February 2025.

The Accounting Office will be closed December 23, 2023 to January 1, 2024.


Parents’ Guild 50/50 Raffle

The Parents’ Guild 50/50 Raffle final draw takes place on Friday, December 15 at 12:15 PM. Thank you to all who have purchased tickets and to all who are helping promote the raffle! The Early Bird draw for $500 took place on November 17. Congratulations to winner, Sindy Catigay (Pagtalunan ’96), holding ticket number 0517027. Purchase tickets from the homepage of or go to Proceeds from this raffle support and enhance our students’ learning experiences by investing in educational tools and programing that assist the school. Please consider purchasing tickets and sharing the link with your family and friends. With your support, we can continue to enrich our students’ learning experiences at St. Mary’s Academy. Thank you, good luck in the draw!

December Celebration and Tea

Sunday, December 3

Mass at 11:00 AM in Holy Names Chapel, followed by light refreshments.

Gifts of non-perishable food items, new hats, mitts, and scarves or monetary gifts are accepted for Rossbrook House. For those who require access to an elevator or need wheelchair or walker accessibility, a ramp is available at the lower basement entranceway, in the back courtyard. Main entry is from the front-facing Wellington Crescent doors. Everyone in the SMA community is welcome. Anyone with questions may reach out to Ms. Sandra Martin (Alwis ’97) at

Open House


We are excited to host our annual Open House on January 16, 2024. Celebrating 154 years of excellence since our establishment in 1869, we are proud to showcase our rich history and modern approach to education. Prospective students and their families will have an opportunity to explore how our legacy, rooted in the traditions of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, empowers young women with knowledge, leadership, and a deep sense of social responsibility. Our dedicated faculty, staff, students, and Parents' Guild are excited to share what makes SMA a distinguished girls' school. We encourage you to share this event with people in your network.

7:00 PM: Welcome and speeches in Alumnae Hall
7:30 PM: Tour the Academy and speak to students, teachers and administrators

Admissions booth available in the cafeteria where families can have their questions answered.

Questions? Please contact Ms. Leah Boughen '12, Admissions and Community Outreach, at or call 204-478-6030.