Message from Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. Michelle Klus
Senior School Principal

Mrs. Carol-Ann Swayzie
Junior School Principal

Mr. Lorne Hess
Dean of Educational Studies

We are now in the second half of our school year, and how blessed we have been to witness a spirit of unity and faith as this school year is unfolding. Our students and staff have been guided in their interactions, planning, decisions and actions in response to our central question this year: Where Do I Belong? Our guiding passage from Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” continues to remind us that we are strengthened by Christ’s presence among us.

As a school community, we've enjoyed numerous opportunities to come together. We've united in celebrating our faith and nurturing our spiritual development. Together, we've journeyed through exploring relationships and determining how best to support one another. We've rejoiced in student-led initiatives, including clubs, special events, homeroom activities, and community service projects. Exciting educational and service opportunities await students set to embark on journeys in the months ahead. This February, the Black History Month Committee will enlighten and engage the SMA community, while our Asian Heritage Month committee is already planning exciting events for May. Our extracurricular groups are flourishing, offering a diverse array of athletics, expressive arts, and curriculum-related activities.

Opportunities to become involved deepen the bonds of community and enhance a sense of belonging. The ideal way to have the best experience at St. Mary’s Academy is to be a part of something, to work with others, and to learn and grow beyond the classroom. We hope you enjoy this issue celebrating our connections to one another and our school community in the spirit of unity and faith.

Together in the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary,
Michelle Klus, Carol-Ann Swayzie, Lorne Hess

Message from SMA's Mission and Charism Team

Ms. Taylor Martin '14 —

Happy 2024 from Mission and Charism!

We have been busy these last few months. In December, we welcomed the season of Advent with a beautiful mass and tea, organized by the SMA Alumnae Association. We welcomed back our weekly morning Taizé prayer services, a slow and peaceful form of prayer from France involving music, Scripture and icons. On December 19th, Our Con Spiritu and Con Fuoco choirs visited our SNJM community at Residence Despins, where they shared many Christmas hymns and carols and visited over cookies and hot chocolate. Later that week, the Con Spiritu choir treated our own school community to a mini-Christmas concert at our Christmas Community morning on the last day of school. We also had several AMS @ SMA (A Monthly Service @ SMA) opportunities in December, including Angels on the Bridge and creating and delivering Christmas cards for residents at Villa Cabrini.

After a much-needed Christmas break, we dove head-first into the busyness of January. At Open House, we welcomed prospective students and their families by showing them around our Holy Names Chapel and the Mission and Charism office. Our Mission and Charism community emphasized the importance of food, faith, friends, and fun by representing our club to Open House guests. For our January AMS @ SMA, students visited the Ronald McDonald House and created thank you cards for SMA maintenance staff in honor of Catholic Schools Week.

Finally, in February, we began preparing for the season of Lent and for Catholic Schools Week. Mission and Charism partnered with Special Events to plan festivities for Catholic Schools Week, including themed casual days, a homeroom community period where students decorated a banner with things they love about Catholic Schools, and a digital scavenger hunt themed around Manitoba Catholic Schools and the SNJM network of schools. As Valentine’s Day fell on Ash Wednesday, we reflected on the way we see love in the symbol of the ashes. All are invited to look for signs of God’s love through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving this Lent.

We are looking forward to many things in the upcoming months, including Breakfast Club on March 8th, Come and Go Reconciliation on March 15th, Grade 8 reconciliation services during Lent, and a homeroom community period on World Water Day. We will also be celebrating morning prayer at 8:10 each Wednesday throughout Lent, led by each of our grade 9 classes. 9-1 will be leading the ministries on February 28th, 9-4 on March 6th, 9-3 on March 13th and 9-2 on March 20th. We will be celebrating our Easter mass on Tuesday, April 9th and we look forward to welcoming the wider SMA community to our school for our International Day Mass on April 21st.

In Mission and Charism, we encourage our SMA community to continue exploring our school theme this year: "Where do I belong?"

Ash Wednesday Service

Mass celebrated in Alumnae Hall during Manitoba Catholic Schools Day on Feb. 16, 2024

Bring Your Own Device Integration at SMA

St. Mary’s Academy embraced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy starting September 2023 for grades 7 and 8, promoting interactive and collaborative learning and empowering students to use technology to enhance their learning experience. This purposeful integration has been foundational for our students in developing their digital literacy skills and becoming better prepared for an ever-changing digital landscape.

Students have increased their capacity to interact with and navigate different systems on a daily basis. Student awareness of and comfort with organizing files in a cloud-based format has grown, along with student ownership and collaboration on shared documents. Teachers have observed a more dynamic and engaging educational environment unfold, with students able to design projects creatively and collaboratively, enhancing the classroom experience and equipping students with the necessary skills to thrive in a digital age. A recent example of this was an inter-disciplinary collaboration in grade 8 between English Language Arts and Exploring Digital Media, where students created film trailers for a short story studied in class. For ELA, students were assessed on four main elements: their ability to convey a mood, character types, conflict, and theme. Students worked on storyboarding, negotiating which scenes to include, and filming in their ELA class. The students then worked on camera angles, the editing and filming process, and the production of a final polished product in their Exploring Digital Media class.

SMA will be expanding our BYOD policy to grade 9 in the 2024-2025 school year, continuing to create endless possibilities for empowering students as they transition into high school and providing more engaging and collaborative learning experiences. The digitally infused educational journey with our students is growing, and our newest families joining us for the first time in Grade 9 will receive all device specifications upon their daughter’s acceptance into SMA.



Students working on projects using their own devices.

Grade 8 students viewing their cross-curricular projects in Rose Hall

Growing on our Journey of Truth and Reconciliation

In October, SMA staff welcomed Reverend Stan Fontaine to celebrate mass at our Staff Retreat as we explored our school theme of “Where Do I Belong?”. Father Stan is an Indigenous Elder and the Parochial Vicar at St. Kateri Tekakwitha Indigenous Church in Winnipeg. After mass, Father Stan shared his story with us, allowing us an opportunity to better understand his own journey of faith and service throughout his years of lived experience. Fr. Stan has welcomed the invitation to work with the staff of Manitoba Catholic Schools and will be offering his insights and reflections to us all on our journeys of understanding and awareness. He has already begun dialogue with a few schools and was the leader at the recent Catholic Schools Principals' Retreat.  

How fortunate we are to be gifted with such a faith-filled mentor to walk with us on our journey of Truth and Reconciliation.

Grade 10 Mental Health Day

On February 8, 2024, grade 10 students took part in a day-long Mental Health Awareness Day that focused on understanding mental health, reducing stigma, and emphasizing self-care. The event featured practical workshops and activities aimed at helping students manage stress and improve their well-being.

Grade 10 students, supported by volunteers from grades 11 and 12, took part in various activities such as yoga, therapy dog sessions, vision board creation, and cupcake decorating. Keynote speaker singer-songwriter and Canadian Idol contestant Keith MacPherson shared valuable insights on mental wellness and the importance of self-care.

SMA expresses sincere gratitude to our Guidance Counsellors, Mission and Charism Team, and student-driven Peer Support Team for orchestrating a day that fostered meaningful conversations about mental health, promoted wellness, and played an important role in breaking down stigmas. Thanks also to grade 11 and 12 students, teachers, volunteers, and our furry friends who helped make this day possible!

Vision board activity

Keith MacPherson shares valuable insights on mental wellness and the importance of self-care

Students participate in a therapy dog session

Creativity in Grade 12 Psychology

In Ms. Cranmer’s grade 12 Psychology elective, students delved into Biopsychology and discovered how various systems like the brain, nervous system, and sensory organs influence our thoughts and actions. An engaging part of the unit involved students creating 3D models of these systems using diverse materials ranging from styrofoam and clay to edible items like candy and cakes. This project gave students a chance to demonstrate their understanding of their chosen system in a fun and creative way. As they learn in Psychology - everyone learns differently!

Navrikan Kaur '24

Ms. Cranmer with the Grade 12 Psychology projects

Kennedy Shymko '24

Les fleurs de la Francophonie

Inspired by the limited time installation at Assiniboine Park’s the Leaf, Fleurs de Villes, grade 10 French students created their own exhibit, Les Fleurs de la Francophonie. Students visited the Leaf for inspiration, critically examining the art pieces and how they represented the cultural aspects of each destination. Students then chose a French speaking country and created their own artwork on a mannequin, using materials to create a similar effect as the Leaf’s installation to represent their chosen country through art. Students flexed their creativity while learning about French cultures around the world!

Debate Club

Alice Carey '25 and Sabrina Batla '25

During the 2023/24 school year, the St. Mary’s Debate Team has been working hard and honing our skills as debaters. For those of you who are interested in learning more about the SMA Debate Club and the arts of debate and public speaking, we’re happy to shed a light on what our club does.

The debate season is comprised of many tournaments that span three major categories: Canadian Parliamentary, British Parliamentary, and Public Speaking. Each year we participate in Province-wide tournaments for each category and qualifying teams compete in a subsequent national tournament. This year the St. Mary’s Senior Debate Team had pairs qualify for the national level in all three categories. A special congratulations goes out to Zelal Emre from Grade 12 who finished in 3rd place in the persuasive speaking category for all high school students in Canada at the Senior National Public Speaking Championships. Congratulations also go to Diana Bonakdard and Jiyoo Noh for their great performances. This May, two of our club’s debaters will travel to Vancouver for Canadian Parliamentary Nationals. In addition, many of our older and more experienced debaters share their love for the program by mentoring younger students, judging at junior tournaments across the city, and more.

Each form of debate and public speaking encourages different skills. British Parliamentary encourages collaboration as it requires debaters to work in four-person teams with two debaters from a different school (possibly even a different province at the national level!).Impromptu debate and speaking requires debaters to think on their feet, while prepared debates and speeches help debaters hone their skills as researchers. All styles of debate and public speaking help us become more confident, well-informed individuals who can advocate for our beliefs and opinions in a well-spoken manner.

Our junior debaters have been working incredibly hard as well! In the junior club, which runs from grade 7 to 9, students work to strengthen their skills and foundation through practice debates, speeches, and activities. We have had several of our junior club members place in the top ten at several tournaments across the province in the team and individual categories.

We are always happy to welcome new students into the debate team at both the senior and junior levels. While it’s never too late to take up debate, junior is always a great place to start. Junior debating is accessible and fun, and junior tournaments often offer novice categories for those who are new to debate. As for those in grades 10-12 who are worried about starting out, we are always running practice debates and constantly improving our skills, so it is a great environment to learn in.

This year in debate, our debaters have been holding high the torch and representing the well-spoken and intelligent students at St. Mary’s Academy across the province and Canada. Way to go SMA debaters!


Zelal Emre '24 finished in 3rd place in the Senior National Public Speaking Championships

Dramatic Arts

Ms. Laura Davey ’05 —

Announcement of 2024-2025 Musical

We are pleased to announce our grades 7 to 12 musical for the 2024-2025 school year will be Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical. The production will be running from Nov. 28-30th, 2024. Auditions for the show will take place in September, watch the communique for more information.

Dramatic Arts Program

The Drama program at SMA has been alive and fun this year! We are so fortunate to have a variety of different new clubs that have lifted off the ground this school year. We have the Costume Club, which meets after school to learn about all things costume and design related, who are even starting to design our costumes for Matilda. Our Sets and Props club also meets after school, and have been learning about building new items, sprucing up some of our existing pieces, and also starting their design process for Matilda. Our new Tech/AV club are actively learning about all things tech related upstairs in the booth in Alumnae Hall, and our PR club has been helping to plan and organize some events around SMA. Finally, our SMA Acting Society has also begun this year, led by a team of intrepid theatre kids, and we’ve had lots of fun this year learning about Musical Theatre, Shakespeare and Improv. We were even lucky to have Canadian actress Sarah Topham of Broadway and Stratford fame to come lead a workshop on Shakespeare.

Our classes have been hard at work on many different units throughout the year, and we are just on the cusp of starting show season at SMA. Our grade 9 students will be mounting The Diary of Anne Frank on March 12 during periods 5 and 6. Grade 10 students will be performing Ax of Murder on April 24th, during periods 5 and 6, and the 11 and 12 Senior students have selected Alice at Wonderland by Jonathan Yukich as their full-scale show, which will be performed on May 15th during periods 5 and 6, and again on May 15th at 6:30 pm. Families and caregivers of students in Drama are more than welcome to attend daytime performances, and the community is invited to the evening performance.

Acting Society

Ms. Laura Davey ’05 —

SMA Acting Society with Sara Topham

This year, a group of four grade 11 and 12 self-proclaimed “theatre kids” launched a new club at SMA! Led by Tori Alexander '24, Lauryn Mestito-Dao '24, Quinn McMullan '24 and Erin Felices-Costello '25, our new Acting Society meets once per cycle, on Day 2s, at lunch in the Drama Lab. This club has been seeing steady attendance since the fall, with 15-30+ students attending each week. So far, our club has covered an introduction to improvisation, Shakespeare and Musical Theatre. We have fun, play games, learn about acting, and perform for each other! It’s great to get up on the stage for, or just to come and hone your skills and watch other students perform.

In November, we were fortunate to have Sara Topham, a Canadian actress who has performed all across the country, on Broadway, and will be starring in Hedda Gabler at the Stratford festival this upcoming season, host an “Intro to Shakespeare” workshop for our students. This February was all about our love for musical theatre, and we had more than 10 individual or group student performances over two separate lunch hours, which were all excellent and fun performances.

Upcoming is an audition workshop, featuring tips and tricks for navigating the SMA Musical audition with a panel of SMA teachers (in preparation for the early September auditions for Matilda) as well as a glimpse into the professional world featuring a guest mentor, Pablo Felices-Luna, Artistic Director of the Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

Black History Month

Dance Workshop with Leisha Strachan ’92, PhD

Cultural Fashion Show

February is Black History Month and our student led Black History Month Committee is proud to host several activities and events to educate students on Black history, Black culture, Anti-Racism and much more. The Committee setup several educational booths for hair, clothes, anti-racism, sports, mental health, and community building. Events and activities include social media trivia, a buffet, a bake sale, a fashion show, a dance workshop, and more.

Black History Month Buffet

Audio Visual Club

The AV Club provides students with an opportunity to learn how to provide audio-visual support for SMA events. Currently, the students are involved mainly in the theatre, taking care of lighting, projectors, microphone set ups, and playbacks. With teacher advisor Mr. O’Donoghue, students thus far have learned skills such as using cool light vs warm light, turning on equipment in the proper order, applying compression, avoiding feedback from mics, setting up monitor speakers for the stage and front-of-house speakers for the audience, and the basics of lighting design. They have been able to support events such as Open House and school masses, and the club will be involved in upcoming events such as International Day, third party events renting SMA space, and next year’s grade 7-12 Dramatic Arts production.

Back row l-r: Elyse Alphonso-Thorassie '25, Chinanuokum Onyiuke '25, Aliyah Courchene '25
Front row l-r: Tea Patterson '25, Paige Almeida '25, Madeline Duval '25

Art Club

Mr. Cole Snyder —

Art Club has a special guest artist, Gabriela Tylman! Gabriela is leading students in a workshop to create their own Alebrijes. Alebrijes are Mexican folk art, a fusion of colourful animals and fantasy creatures made with cardboard, wire, and layers of papier-mâché. Each creature is a unique creation decorated with a variety of colours, textures, and patterns. Art Club students have been working hard and having fun developing their Alebrijes every week. Look at their works-in-progress:

Senior Dance

Our Special Events Club is happy to have hosted SMA’s first senior school dance in ten years! An opportunity for student bonding and a new way of socializing post pandemic, the Shot By Cupid dance on February 2, 2024 was attended by about 200 SMA and St Paul’s grades 9-12 students. The students, along with teacher advisor, Alannah Thibodeau, did a top-shelf job of organizing the dance, which included a photobooth, canteen, and excellent DJ. This return to school dances was a memorable event for our high school students!

Student Perspective as a Peer Tutor: Ellen Kang '24

Since elementary school, I have enjoyed solving mathematical problems. My love of math made me want to be an inspiring and innovative individual with the capacity to make a difference in the academic lives of others.

My journey started in grade 9 when I began assisting my classmates in understanding concepts more easily in subjects like Math and Science. While helping my classmates, I recalled my own childhood struggles with academics. In my elementary years, I was unable to ask for help due to the stigma attached to tutoring, equating needing a tutor to stupidity. The stress was overwhelming; although, with the support of my parents who helped me themselves, I overcame those challenges. However, I often wonder where I would be academically if they hadn’t recognized my struggles. This experience fueled my dedication to helping other students in their academics, ensuring no one is hindered by the fear of seeking help.

In Grade 10, I joined the SMA Peer Tutoring Program, which matches students one-on-one with their clients for tutoring. As a tutor, I started out with setting a simple goal: helping students feel more motivated and confident in their schoolwork. In grade 11, I continued helping my peers; however, I also began the aim towards a goal of establishing an SMA Peer Tutoring Club.

My final year of high school began with starting a new legacy with the establishment of the SMA Peer Tutors Club. The club has allowed us to conduct presentations and information sessions for students to learn organizational tips, study skills, and more. We are pleased to hear students feel they receive more support through the club. Members of the Peer Tutors Club believe in making learning fun and engaging building critical thinking skills and further enhancing the learning of others. What a fantastic opportunity this has been to cultivate our leadership skills and pave a path towards motivating other students!

As Carl Friedrich Gauss stated, “It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment.” 

Torch Talks

Left to right: Brittney Singh, BSW, RSW, Nicole Allan, MFT, and Homa Houshmand MSC, CCC from Positive Perspectives Clinic

On February 3, 2024, our Parents’ Guild hosted Torch Talks, an annual TED Talk style event that provides timely and relevant information to our community. This year’s session, “How To Communicate With Your Teenage Daughter,” provided valuable tools, tips, and insights for connecting and building supportive relationships with our teens. Guest presenters were Nicole Allan, MFT, and Brittney Singh, BSW, RSW, of Positive Perspectives Clinic. Approximately 45 community members were in attendance.

A link to a recording of the presentation as well as presentation slides are found at

SMA thanks our Parents’ Guild for hosting this informative and empowering session!

International Day

International Day 2022

Save the Date - Sunday, April 21, 2024.

International Day, hosted by the Parents' Guild, is a time-honoured tradition that brings together the SMA community to celebrate its diversity and culture. Similar to Folklorama, this event offers a variety of ethnic food pavilions, artistry, music, and dance. International Day is the primary fundraiser for the Parents' Guild with proceeds benefiting extra-curricular activities and equipment for our students.

International Day Includes:

  • Mass at 11 AM in Alumnae Hall
  • Pavilions serving Ethnic Food: Open at 12 PM in the Cafeteria
  • Entertainment at 1 PM in Alumnae Hall
  • SMA Corner Store open for business
  • Art Auction
  • Wine Raffle

Donations of Wine: Donations of bottles of wine are requested for the Wine Raffle. Members of the Parents’ Guild will be collecting donations from car windows as parents and caregivers drop their daughters off along the driveway on Friday April 12 from 8:00 – 8:45 AM. In keeping with the diversity of the event, wines from various countries are welcome.

International Day Meeting: The next Meeting for volunteers for International Day is Tuesday, March 12 at 6:00 PM in the cafeteria. All are welcome to attend and learn more about this great community building event.

Call for Volunteers: Many volunteers are needed to make International Day a success. There are several opportunities available before, during, and after the event. Please view opportunities and sign up here, or for more information contact Jen Melo at or 204-997-0776.

Parents’ Guild Golf Tournament

Our Parents’ Guild is excited to host their fourth annual golf tournament on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at Southwood Golf & Country Club, 80 Rue des Ruines du Monastere. This tournament is a fun day of community building that raises funds for the Guild. Funds raised go towards enhancing the student experience at SMA. The Guild invites people to participate as both golfers (teams and individuals) and sponsors. Please click the links for a golfer sign up form as well as sponsor and donation forms. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Southwood Golf & Country Club
80 Rue des Ruines du Monastere

18 Hole Tournament
Registration at 12:00 PM
Shotgun start at 1:00 PM
Reception dinner after the round

Advancement Team Announcement

Ms. Kate Hodgert-Fennell ’99 —

What exactly is advancement? The St. Mary’s Academy Foundation’s newly appointed Director of Advancement and Development, Kate Hodgert-Fennell ’99, shares her take.

I've encountered the question ‘What exactly is advancement?’ more frequently than any other since assuming my new role a little over a month ago. At the St. Mary’s Academy Foundation, advancement is synonymous with community-building. It is our steadfast belief that only through collective effort and collaboration can we fully actualize the aspirations of Blessed Mother Marie-Rose Durocher, who envisioned transforming society through the education of young women. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of our parents and families for your unwavering support and commitment to St. Mary’s Academy. You are integral members of this community, and we very much look forward to connecting with you over the coming months.

Meet the Team

Sandra Martin (Alwis '97)
Alumnae Engagement Coordinator
Sandra serves as the pivotal link between the Academy and the Alumnae Association. Her enthusiasm and expertise make her the ideal contact person for those interested in volunteering, helping with activities and events, and making connections. If you're considering joining the Association's board, Sandra is here to guide you through the process.

Hope Mwalugaja
Advancement Assistant and Database Administrator
Having been with our team the longest, Hope brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the department. Whether you have general inquiries,wish to make a donation or request a tax receipt, Hope is here to assist you every step of the way.

Kate Hodgert-Fennell '99
Director of Advancement and Development
I am thrilled to be back at SMA and excited to have the opportunity to play a role in the important work of the Foundation. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at an upcoming SMA event; you are also most welcome to drop by our offices on the first floor of the historic 1902 building during your next campus visit. Alternatively, please feel free to email or phone us to make contact – we want to hear from you!

On behalf of everyone at the St. Mary’s Academy Foundation, please know that your ideas and input are invaluable. None of this vital work would be possible without you. Thank you!

The St. Mary’s Academy Foundation is pleased to announce our Advancement team. From left to right: Sandra Martin (Alwis '97), Kate Hodgert-Fennell '99, Hope Mwalugaja

From the Accounting Department: Tuition Donation Receipts

Mrs. Cheryl Gilleshammer —

The Income Tax Act allows St. Mary’s Academy, based on our fiscal year of operations, to issue a charitable donation receipt for a portion of tuition fees. As the donation portion of the tuition is based on our religious expenses for the entire school year, we calculate the charitable receipt at the end of each school year and issue receipts with a date of December 31.

The charitable donation portion of the 2022-2023 tuition fee is $2,019 per student. This amount is reduced by the total of any bursaries, scholarships, discounts, and outstanding tuition balances.

For those who qualify based on the above calculation, your charitable donation receipt for the 2022-2023 school year, for inclusion with your 2023 tax return, was mailed the week of February 12, 2024.


Left to right: Coach Scott Koskie, Alina Koskie '24, Meghan Lagadi '24, Ashley Garland '24, Kaely McLean '25 and Coach Gerry Lagadi


Congratulations to our Flames varsity curling team who won the West Winnipeg Athletic Council final for the second year in a row with an intense 5-4 win over undefeated Vincent Massey on Wednesday, January 31. The Flames went on to win the MHSAA Varsity Girls Provincial Curling Championships held on Feb. 10 and 11 at the Heather curling club in Winnipeg with a 7-4 win over the West Kildonan Wolverines. The Flames put together their best games of the season to capture the title in a very competitive field of 16 teams from around Manitoba. Congratulations to Meghan Lagadi '24, Ashley Garland '24, Kaely McLean '25 and Alina Koskie '24 for proudly representing SMA. Thank you to the coaches and fans who supported the team!


Basketball Season is up and running and the high tops are headed into the second half of the Pembina Trails Athletic Association (grades 7-9) and West Winnipeg Athletic Council (grades 10-12) seasons. All five teams are working hard on their individual skills and understanding various team concepts. As a program we do everything to give our athletes unique experiences throughout the season, understanding that basketball is a skill driven sport. With all this challenging work, teams will be preparing for league playoffs starting late February. We would also like to give thanks to all our coaches who continually dedicate their expertise, time, and energy to the Basketball program.

Flames Varsity Basketball team

Mr. James Villa with the Flames Water Polo team

Water Polo

For the first time St. Mary's Academy participated in the Manitoba Water Polo Association's fall school league, which is open to junior high and high school teams. SMA had an amazing response, fielding one junior team with some grades 7 and 8 students, and two high school teams. It is a relatively short season so there was not a lot of time to learn, and almost all of our players had no experience with water polo. However, all teams made amazing progress, the athletes had an amazing experience, and their coach, Mr. Villa, could not have been prouder! To cap off the season the Junior Team finished in second place, receiving a banner for the school.

Indoor Soccer

SMA’s indoor soccer team, competing in the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association High School Girls Premiership Division, finished 2nd overall in the regular season with a record of 6 wins 1 loss and 2 ties. Grade 12 students Caitlyn Hollywood '24 and Kennedy Shymko '24, captain a roster of 17 young, but competitive players. Their current playoff record is 2 wins 2 losses and 1 tie. Coached by head coach Niclas Bembenek and assistant coach Alex Cornick ’10, the team will take on their three remaining playoff bracket games and hope to make it to the top 4 in order to play in the semifinal match on March 4th. Go Flames Go!

High School Hockey

Our Flames High School Hockey team has delivered an incredibly successful 2023-2024 season. After finishing first in the Manitoba Women's High School Hockey League (MWHSHL) during the regular season with 18 wins, they will carry their hard work and determination into the playoffs. The Flames will face the Selkirk Royals in the first-round next week. Games take place on Monday, February 26 at 4:00 PM at hockey for all centre, Tuesday, February 27 at 3:30 PM at Selkirk Recreation Complex, and if necessary, Friday, March 1 at 4:15 PM at hockey for all centre. Stay up to datw with playoffs on the MWHSHL website

To hear more about their season, following is a message from the team’s captain, grade 12 student Sara Johnstone '24:  

“When evaluating the strategies of a hockey game, our coaches have worked relentlessly to provide us with the tools, encouragement, and faith for our crew to become the dream team. Most hockey teams have a first, second and third line, but all of ours keep the visiting team on their toes. Our team has passion, drive, and - most importantly - heart. My dad always said growing up that heart is what separates the good from the great. Every member of the Flames has the hearts of great athletes. I am a proud captain due to what the team has accomplished so far this season from displaying good sportsmanship to maintaining a great academic standing in the classroom. Cheers to playoffs and the end to the best senior year season ever. Go Flames, way to hold high the torch!” 

Flames Prep Hockey

Our Flames Prep hockey team has had a busy, competitive year. As of February 14th, the team has 35 points in the Canadian Sports School Hockey League standings and are gearing up to the final month of competition with playoffs being held in Penticton, B.C. Stay up to date with our team on the CSSHL website

The Hockey Canada initiated Female World Sport School Challenge tournament was hosted by SMA in January for the 11th year. Thanks to all the volunteers from within and beyond our school community who were involved in making this year’s FWSSC a success. Our own SMA Flames Prep team placed second in their pool. While they experienced success with two wins, a loss in their third game resulted in a shift to the consolation round. Congratulations to the following teams on their medal wins:

  • Gold: Thompson Okanogan Lakers
  • Silver: Winnipeg Avros
  • Bronze: Rink Hockey Academy Winnipeg

Flames Prep Hockey team and team staff

Volunteer Coaching Opportunities

The gym is a hub of healthy, active young women playing, running, jumping, throwing, catching, striking, skating, and serving. We are always looking for coaches to support a variety of Athletic programs. If you are interested and would like to volunteer your expertise, please contact members of the Physical Education Team:

Mr. Demetro Danyluk
Athletic Director


Mrs. Jennifer O' Leary
Physical Education Teacher
204-477-0244 ext. 271

Ms. Rachel Meiklejohn
Physical Education Teacher
204-477-0244 ext. 425

Coming Events