Charism & Mission

Mother Marie-Rose relied heavily on Jesus and Mary, which is why the SNJM motto, “Jesus and Mary My Strength and My Glory” leads us. The Charism and Mission influences and impacts SMA students, staff, parents, alumnae and boards.

Charism and Mission reflect the foundation of the existence of St. Mary’s Academy. It's about the gifts of our heritage — the gifts (Charism) of the SNJM Congregation, which were given to Eulalie Durocher by God and in turn shared with our Catholic and SNJM community world-wide .

Her passion and vision for education in the faith, with an emphasis on those most in need, was the spirit that propelled and guided our four founding Manitoba SNJM to build our historic and foundational school. It's our responsibility and privilege to continue to ensure that the gifts (Charism) and its many expressions (Mission) continue to flourish.