Marian Awards For Excellence

At St. Mary's Academy, we take pride in our alumnae and friends who model excellence and service in their personal and professional lives.

The Marian Awards For Excellence were instituted by the Academy in 2005 to recognize a variety of outstanding achievements by alumnae and friends of the school. St. Mary’s Academy recognizes distinguished alumnae who embrace and exemplify our mission and vision in the community and the world. 

The Marian Awards For Excellence celebrate the fulfillment of the Academy’s Vision by "being a preeminent educator of young women so that they can become leaders in the service of the community and of the Church".
- Leading, Learning and Legacy: A Strategic Plan for St. Mary's Academy 2016-2020

2018 Marian Awards

Saturday, May 12, 2018

10:00 a.m.

The Gates on Roblin, 6945 Roblin Blvd

Nominate an alumna for a Marian Award For Excellence

As St. Mary’s Academy continues to evolve, we are refreshing our process to honour alumnae with our distinguished Marian Awards For Excellence. We are asking our community to nominate alumnae for Marian Awards For Excellence. Please submit the name of an alumna that you feel is deserving of a Marian Award For Excellence. Your nomination might recognize exceptional contributions the alumna has made in the areas of Business, Professional, Faith Development, Leadership and/or Service, etc. A six person selection committee will review all nominations and a maximum of three recipients will be honoured in any given year.

New for 2018 — Young SMA Alumna
If you know of an SMA alumna between the ages of 25 to 35 years of age who embraces SMA’s mission and vision,
please consider nominating her.

Make your Nomination
Nominate someone by filling out this Nomination Form or contact Amy Houston '03 at 204-477-0244 ext. 242 or

Nomination deadline is February 20, 2018.

- All nominees will be contacted.
- The recipients will be announced in mid-March.

Marian Awards For Excellence will be presented at Brunch held on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at The Gates on Roblin. Check back for ticket information.

Past Marian Award Recipients


The Class of 1965


Marylyn Gibney, SNJM

Susanne Parent '81


Gwen Buccini (Pucci ’67)

Marianna Carol Hryniuk-Adamov ’72


Leanne Boyd '69

Kellie O'Rourke '76


Dr. Leisha Strachan ’92

Janine Stephens (Hanson ’01)


Crystal Kolt (Klapecki '78)

R.H. (Bob) Vandewater


Barbara Clubb '65

Ann Hodges '82


Christine Butterill (Keegan '60)

Susan Devine '68


Kimberly Prost '76


Stella Jo Dean (Kozak '43)

Joan Harland (Gr. 11 '32 and SMA College '33)

Rekha Malaviya '83

Alaina Prokopchuk '98


Noelle Bowles '91

Mary Holmen (Whytehead '71)

Rev. Carol Fletcher '79

Carol Stone (Parson '62)


Margaret Brett (Hetke '65)

Pattie Moore (Delabbio '69)

William and Stella English and family


Eira Friesen (Charles '36)

Lesley Sacouman, SNJM '63

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