SMA Convocation Awards

Awards are presented to members of SMA's graduating class each year at Convocation in June

Students are nominated by, and then selected by, SMA teaching staff based on a student’s involvement and standing during her time at the school. The criteria for these awards describe the essence of an SMA graduate.  

St. Mary’s Academy Alumnae Spirit Award

Embodies the spirit of an SMA alumna, not only in her academics but also through her involvement in student life. Proactive, efficient, and compassionate. The scholarship is awarded based on above-average scholastic achievement and demonstrated leadership abilities.

St. Mary’s Academy Parents’ Guild School Citizenship Award

Awarded to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to student life over her years SMA. A true leader in every sense of the word.

Governor General Award and St. Mary's Academy Parents' Guild Scholarship

Awarded to the student with the highest overall average in Grades 11 and 12 combined

St. Mary's Academy Board of Directors’ Scholarships

Awarded to a student who has made a meaningful contribution of their time and talents to SMA life.

  1. Excellence in Athletics: involved in and excels at Flames athletics and/or with outside-of-school athletics
  2. Excellence in Extra-Curricular Activities: An integral contributing member to SMA extra-curricular activities. The student has shown commitment and leadership in extra-curricular activities or in the community

St. Mary’s Academy Foundation Board of Directors Award

Awarded to a student who is a proven leader, displays academic excellence, provides an outstanding contribution in extra-curricular activities, is socially responsible, and demonstrates a commitment to service and generosity.

Holy Names Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a true concern for others. She has a true sense of justice and brings with her a global perspective. This student is committed to helping all community members.

Catholic Foundation of Manitoba Scholarship

This award is presented to a graduating student from each of the Catholic High Schools in Manitoba. The recipient has shown a commitment to the community with demonstrated care and concern for others, while working to build bridges and connections with others in the school and broader community. The award recipient has demonstrated faithful and generous service to others and has shown a strong commitment to academic excellence. The Catholic Foundation of Manitoba recognizes and affirms the award recipient’s commitment to the Catholic values of love for others, community-building, peace and service.

The Honourable Jon Gerrard Community Citizenship Award

Awarded to a student who is a leader in her community and a person that sets high standards of integrity. The student is actively aware of social and political issues concerning her community and will speak to the issues.

Friesen Yearbook Award

Awarded to a student who is an executive member of SMA's yearbook committee. She worked diligently to help prepare the current and last year’s yearbook.

The Lifetouch Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has a positive attitude and has contributed to the school community. She has ensured that every single event, team and activity has been represented in the yearbook.

Jim Carr Member of Parliament Musical Excellence Award

Awarded to a student who embodies a passion for musical arts, be it vocal, instrumental or musical theatre while achieving and maintaining a high level of academic performance.                         

St. Marguerite d’Youville Excellence Award / Grey Nuns of Montreal

Awarded to a student for their outstanding values of respect, compassion, and justice. She sees and acts. The following values are fulfilled:

  • She respects the spiritual and human values of her peers
  • She shows kindness and tries to ease the suffering of others
  • She will fight for justice when she sees someone being mistreated

Cardinal Flahiff Award

Awarded to the student with the 2nd highest overall average in grade 12. 

Brenda Prosken Scholarship Award

Awarded to a student who exhibits exceptional leadership skills and has contributed greatly to the SMA community and beyond.

Anna Maria Magnifico Global Studies Award 

Funds will be distributed in the form of one cash prize to a graduating Grade 12 student who: 

  • Is in good academic standing 
  • Actively enrolled or accepted into a local or abroad post-secondary program with specific attention to global or international affairs 
  • Proof of enrollment is required for fund disbursal

The recipient will be selected by St. Mary’s Academy’s Administration Team. The award criteria and disbursal amount to be evaluated every 5 years, in partnership with SMA Foundation management and Mrs. Magnifico.

The Brenda Prosken ’78 Scholarship   

Annual scholarship to one student in the graduating class who exhibits leadership skills and the spirit of congeniality. 

University of Manitoba Scholarships


  • Students are nominated by SMA Teaching Staff
  • Awards are fulfilled in the form of tuition by the university

The Chown Centennial Scholarship

Awarded to the best all-around graduating student. She must be attending the University of Manitoba in the fall and have a minimum of 85% average. 

St. Paul’s College, Alumni & Friends Association Incorporated Entrance Scholarship

Awarded to an honors student who demonstrates leadership skills and who is enrolled at the University of Manitoba through St. Paul’s College.

St. Paul’s College, Ellen Dryden Finlay Entrance Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has received honors standing in grade 12, demonstrates leadership skills, and is registered at the University of Manitoba through St. Paul’s College. The awardee must be nominated by the principal based on academic achievement and leadership.

St. Paul’s College, The Jesuit Entrance Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has received honors standing in grade 12, demonstrates leadership skills, and is registered at the University of Manitoba through St. Paul’s College. She is involved in the service of others within a parish and community.


Other SMA Awards

Student Application Required

Presented by the school principals at our yearly Awards Ceremony, typically held in June. 

The Olga Kruk Memorial Award

Awarded by SMA English Language Arts Department  

Awarded to a grade 12 student who demonstrates passion and has shown improvement in her study of English Language Arts, with a special interest in Canadian Literature. 

Friends of Hailey Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating student who plans to pursue a career in any medical field. 

The Bob Ritchie Scholarship

As established by the Ritchie Family, this scholarship is awarded to a student for their academic achievement and outstanding involvement at St. Mary’s Academy. The award winner must be an honours student and be involved in the school community. This award is given to an outstanding grade 11 student who will return to SMA for their grade 12 year.

Jess & Celia Service Award

Established in 2022, the Jess & Celia Tesoro Service Award fosters and recognizes the formation and growth of SMA students in the areas of service, accountability, responsibility and support of others. As active members of their own faith and extended communities, Mr. and Mrs. Tesoro believe the qualities and attributes required to achieve this award are the essence of a successful future. Recipients of this award are students who: are actively engaged in their faith and extended communities, instinctively lend a helping hand and aspire to be role models for their classmates and fellow students. This cash prize is awarded in Grade 10, 11 and 12 with the intent of encouraging the continued personal development of current students in their formative years. 

Scholarship Criteria

  • Sustain exceptional attendance record throughout the year 
  • Are active members and choose to serve within their faith and extended community 
  • Instinctive helpers and supportive of students within their school community 
  • Are outstanding role models for other students and ambassadors of SMA 
  • Exhibit genuine interest in participation in school life 
  • Who demonstrates consistency and commitment in all facets of their life 

The recipients will be selected from student applications provided by the Academic Advisor in May. Applications will be reviewed by St. Mary’s Academy’s Administration Team, in consultation and with guidance from Mission & Charism Community and Religion Department.