Leadership Council​​

Our Leadership Council is structured to recognize the importance of student organizations in our school. It gives these groups and their student leaders a voice in guiding the student body and coordinating events.

The Student Leadership Council is made up of student executives who have been chosen to represent the following groups: Special Events, Athletics, Missions, Campus Ministry, Yearbook, Human Rights, Green team, and Newspaper.

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year SMA moved away from a single 'Head Girl' system to a 'Leadership Council Co-Chair' system. The Leadership Council unanimously voted to elect two members of the Leadership Council to be Co-Chairs, and together they will take on the role of being the voice of the student body.

The Council meets regularly to discuss student issues and coordinate events.



Sophie GeorgeLeadership Council Co-Chair / Campus Ministry12
Nicole KaneskiLeadership Council Co-Chair / Newspaper12
Coco KoltekAthletics Council12
Sarah WatsonAthletics Council12
Samantha FurgaleCampus Ministry12
Jummy AkinolaGreen Team12
Sophia PartykaGreen Team12
Cameron ArmstrongHuman Rights Team12
Isha KhandewalHuman Rights Team12
Soomin HanMission Club12
Amber ReichardtMission Club12
Sapphire MorozNewspaper12
Anna AhnPeer Support Team12
El Shaddai NyakiluPeer Support Team12
Hannah BainesSpecial Events12
Angelica BucciniSpecial Events12
Kiara CalistaYearbook12
Jasmine ZbaraszewskiYearbook12