Our Leadership Council is structured to recognize the importance of student organizations in our school. It gives these groups and their student leaders a voice in guiding the student body and coordinating events.

The Student Leadership Council is made up of student executives who have been chosen to represent the following groups: Special Events, Athletics, Missions, Campus Ministry, Yearbook, Human Rights, Green Team, and the Spark Newspaper. The Council meets regularly to discuss student issues and coordinate events.




Arianna FulcherAthletics Council12
Sophia KrakAthletics Council12
Marissa MagsinoGreen Team11
Vanessa RamaGreen Team12
Gabrielle DenisHuman Rights Team12
Gael MaramotHuman Rights Team12
Cyan GargolMission and Charism Community12
Elle WoodMission Club12
Sara BergenMission Club12
Bhavika SandhuPeer Support12
Rebecca ViebrockPeer Support12
Enijola AkinyemiSpecial Events12
Roxy PorthSpecial Events11
Hannah LinsanganThe Spark Newspaper12
Arabella QuezonThe Spark Newspaper12
Abby ChauYearbook11
Kiara VergaraYearbook12
Serena SocMission and Charism Community11