My Learning at Home
A Government of Manitoba resource designed to assist families in supporting the work of teachers as they continue to educate students. Available in English and French, My Learning at Home will grow over time as more resources are developed for kindergarten through Grade 12. 

My Child in School: A Resource for Parents
This website provides information for parents on each compulsory subject area, broken down into the following four sections:
- what your child is learning
- how your child is assessed
- resources that support your child’s learning
- frequently asked questions 

My Learning at Home
This website includes videos, animations, and interactive websites to help you understand or deepen your understanding of many concepts in Middle Years mathematics, science, as well as linguistic elements in English language arts. 

Middle Years Education in Manitoba
The Middle Years Education website offers educators and parents insights and resources to improve young adolescents’ commitment to school and learning through increased student engagement. Print and online resources are available to help guide and support educators in providing and assessing learning opportunities that improve student learning and engagement in the Middle Years. Communities and educational partners also offer significant support to Middle Years learners and schools.

Distance Learning
Distance learning is a method of accessing courses of study even though learners and their teachers, instructors, or tutor/markers may be in different physical locations. Course materials are available in print and electronically. This site provides information on all the distance learning options available to Manitoba students. 

Independent Study Option (ISO) Course Catalogue
This website lists all of the available Grades 9 to 12 ISO distance learning courses available to Manitoba students. 

Independent Study Option (ISO) Reference Material
This website provides information on how to order ISO courses as reference material in either print or PDF. 

Free Online Resources for Manitoba Educators and Parents 
This site is regularly updated with free online resources for Manitoba educators and parents.

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
Access to educational resources for at home teaching and learning, including student access to seven e-books from participating publishers at no cost until April 30.